All Eyes on Justice

I asked the Tarot de Marseille cards what would be a helpful way to read the energy of the recent solar eclipse from February 26. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and South Node were in Pisces, which gave us an opening to release all that is no longer needed. What do you feel you need to do to grow? We are still in this eclipse season until mid-March, and will be working with the energy until August, when there will be another set of eclipses.

I picked 3 cards. Here is what came up:


La Force (Strength), Nameless Arcanum (Death), and Justice

In this order, the figures of Strength and Death face Justice. They look toward her to guide them. Justice sits on her throne and looks directly at you. It is as if a ball is in the air, and everyone is frozen in a moment that has expanded in anticipation of a result. Will Justice catch the ball? No, she is not a player in that game. The ball will be dropped. How that is interpreted, and the journey one takes afterward, is important, not necessarily the outcome.

What are the elements in Strength and Death that can be harnessed to reach Justice? 

Strength is energy in potential. It is important to allow the energy to circulate freely. Allow yourself to work with any discomfort so that it might be released to open the flow of abundance to you. Things can happen quickly and expand. Use your human physicality, instinct, and desire to explore this. 

Death demands purification by plowing the fertile ground presented by Strength. Together, the two are searching: it is not a comfortable union, but there is potential for genuine teamwork and power created by their mutuality. Although it looks grisly because he plows body parts, Death and Strength can combine beautifully to incarnate consciousness. They can build a bridge that circulates between humanity and spirituality.

Jodorowsky writes that Justice is “a point at which the human and the Divine meet." Justice brings order and balance to the chaos of transformation. It would help you to welcome the transformation, be open to change. It is important to be honest about what drives you, and then transmute it. What is Justice asking you? What can you do to reach the objective that is Justice? Use your natural human strengths and the energy of change to accomplish something divine.