Cat in Box

Yes, that's a caracal in a cardboard box.

Yes, that's a caracal in a cardboard box.


Today's opposition between Jupiter and Uranus can make you feel like a wild cat in a small box. All cats (house and wild) like to sit in small boxes: it can be comforting to feel contained. But today is not one of those days! The box may be feeling way too small. 

Uranus in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra brings up questions of independence vs. interdependence. Jupiter in Libra wants to expand relationships at all costs, and butts heads with Uranus, who can equate freedom with being alone, and bust out in a blaze of glory to prove it.

What do you need to be your authentic self within partnership?

If that's a hard question to answer today, you can move through it by taking some deep breaths, dancing to some choice rhythms, taking a brisk walk, or having a good, wet cry to release the anger/fire.

And hell, Pluto is stationing to go direct today, making things all the more intense! People are pissed and looking like Halloween characters. Energy is stopped and sluggish today, but soon Pluto's movement forward will gain momentum, so think about how to best channel power toward your goals.