8 of Swords

Chiron Enters Aries

How does it hurt? How does it heal?

How does it hurt? How does it heal?

The woman in the 8 of Swords has on a blindfold and she’s tied up, but not down. She could walk away from a crappy situation, in life or in the mind.

Chiron said goodbye to Pisces and entered Aries yesterday for the first time since 1968. Now’s the time to step away from a self-narrative of victimization, and take back the power of healing yourself. This is a new energy that will play out over the next eight years as Chiron moves along its elliptical orbit between Saturn and Uranus. There will be a different flavour to both the collective energy, as well as to how/where you feel the wounding and healing in your personal astrology chart. How will that look in 2018 vs. 1969, baby?

When we feel squeezed, there’s a tendency for the mind to become small. We feel miserable, like a victim, like a pathetic, hopeless case. So believe it or not, at that moment of hassle or bewilderment or embarrassment, our minds could become bigger. Instead of taking what’s occurred as a statement of personal weakness or someone else’s power, instead of feeling we are stupid or someone else is unkind, we could drop all the complaints about ourselves and others. We could be there, feeling off guard, not knowing what to do, just hanging out there with the raw and tender energy of the moment...The next time there’s no ground to stand on, don’t consider it an obstacle. Consider it a remarkable stroke of luck. We have no ground to stand on, and at the same time it could soften us and inspire us.
— Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart