Selkie Blues

Drawing courtesy of Willa Johnson The Younger.

Drawing courtesy of Willa Johnson The Younger.

Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols describes the Karmic Degree of the moon tonight as A Woman Has Risen Out of the Ocean, A Seal Is Embracing Her. This describes the Selkie seal/woman in Scottish folklore who lives on land but longs to return to the ocean. This image is the symbol of the energy that needs to be released tonight. Although it may be painful to change, new things will be revealed on many different levels. The seal and the human woman together reveal a connection that can never be broken, even in their separation.

Tonight the full moon at 2 degrees Aries is conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer, opposite the sun, and Saturn squares them both. While the recent fall equinox is the beginning of a new cycle, so is the Aries space where the moon is tonight, which represents the beginning of spring. The full moon is about letting go, and what is falling away will become something new, especially if you can use the season change and the impetus of Aries’ energy to propel you forward.


Eclipse Fallout

Eclipse Fallout

For me, the grieving orca mom carrying her dead baby for 17 days (starting July 24 but basically between the lunar eclipse on July 27 and solar eclipse on August 11) is a prime example of a crisis that ‘comes out’ through the eclipses.

Lunar eclipses stimulate endings and deep feelings/the deep sea of the whales (orca means “of the realms of the dead”). The congestion, pollution, and greed of bloated capitalism that has caused these whales to lose their health and their babies must be pushed back on.

The way the other whales emotionally supported this mom and baby and allowed them to “be seen” and experience grief is not only a model of the power and value that girls, women, mothers, and the feminine can provide and that we need to learn from if we are going to keep living, but also how animals show people how to live with dignity (as Native people have known throughout this whole sordid affair...).

The mom had to go through that process, and only then was she ready to keep going. She let the baby go at the solar eclipse, which is about coming into authenticity and finding your way. But only by first going THROUGH the grief and hard times.

Drawing “See Me” by Lori Christopher.

Summer Eclipses in Aquarius and Leo: The IC Grill

Going down to go up.

Going down to go up.

If you stand right fronting and face to face to a fact, you will see the sun glimmer on both its surfaces, as if it were a cimeter, and feel its sweet edge dividing you through the heart and marrow, and so you will happily conclude your mortal career. Be it life or death, we crave only reality.
— Henry David Thoreau, Walden

On August 7 there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, and on August 21 there is a Solar Eclipse in Leo. The Leo/Aquarius axis are two sides of the same coin. They are opposite each other in the astrology chart and have very different characteristics, but they need each other to balance, like a see saw needs two kids to be any fun. 

As part of my subway commute, I transfer to the 7 train at Court Square. As the escalator ascends, I catch a peek of a cafe out on the street through the steel elevated subway columns that I can only discern as "The IC Grill." In astrology, the IC (or "Imum coeli," Latin for "bottom of the sky") is the angle of the natal astrology chart that correlates to childhood, what brings you comfort, or somehow answers what is "home" for you, including emotionally how you come to feel at home. It is the place to find your soul.

Aquarius learns best through experience, so what experiences have "fed" you over the years? What do you truly enjoy, what makes you feel good or bad? Lunar eclipses can be about feeling, acknowledging, bringing awareness, endings, and completion.

So, for this Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7, bring an awareness to those things you know about yourself and cook them on the "IC Grill"; use the ingredients you like the best, and get rid of the ones you never liked, or know now that you don't.

The IC has some similarity in meaning to the Moon and the South Node, so the ability to feel and work with these characteristics within yourself is very strong during this particular Eclipse season.

The Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21 is conjunct the North Node, and opposite the South Node. This intensifies the energy of your Sun/life purpose. The Sun and heart are ruled by Leo. What brings you joy? Where can you take a risk to express yourself?

You can clear space with the Lunar Eclipse, revisit what makes your soul feel cozy, and use the things that ground you (or grew you) to move into exhilarating, uncharted territory.