No Doubt, Sauerkraut


Anyone want to spend all your money on that one and only cabbage before the store goes out of business?

This weekend's aspects might feel like life is saying, "There's just one store. Choose from our wide selection of limitations." The Moon has been opposite Saturn and Mars, and the Sun has been square Saturn and Mars, and those angles can be friction-filled moments when everything feels wrong internally and/or externally and goading you to react, often in a way that isn't in your best interests because you feel like the world is against you. Why is everything a challenge? Plus, Mercury retrograde in Aries feels like a wild horse ending up in a harness. Like the gun violence protests this weekend, one way to make it through this limitation energy is putting practical energy into building something you want to see in the world, step by step.

Although it might feel pretty sucky right now, take heed it will pass soon, and there will be so much beyond that one cabbage.